Legacy of Hogwarts: He spends 40 hours constructing this magical place in the Room of Requirement, and its incredible beauty

Legacy of Hogwarts: He spends 40 hours constructing this magical place in the Room of Requirement, a ...

Hogwarts Legacy: He spends 40 hours constructing this magical animal paradise in the Room of Requirement, and it's breathtaking.

Published on 02/21/2023 at 20:22

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In Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter Game, anyone can be proud of their garden! After more than 40 hours of work, he shows him the wonderful world he has created for his wonderful animals. And, what we can say, it throws!


A game packed with surprises: Hogwarts Legacy40 hours of play for a fantastic result

Hogwarts Legacy is a game packed with surprises.

Hogwarts Legacy, the iconic Harry Potter game, is a fun adventure game that allows you to visit all of Hogwarts, take classes to learn spells, or even explore dungeons.

When you have completed your main quest, your main character will face off against the Room of Requirement, a room that can be changed at will, as you'll know it. However, if the player can only maintain a small garden at the start, you may also maintain a small one.

This garden may be built as you please, but the intention of this new proposal is to welcome fascinating animals and thus enjoy gameplay that takes a page from Viva Piata or the console version of Zoo Tycoon. We can thus construct enclosures for these same animals, but also offer them toys, feed them, or pet them.

40 hours of effort for a fantastic outcome

We discovered the publication of Present-Ground-1883 while strolling on Reddit... And the outcome, as you can imagine, is spectacular. We can only recommend that you click on this link to explore the world from your own eyes.

The present-round garden of 1883 looks like a massive ancient temple at first glance. It's because you haven't seen the different animals that occupy it.

Note that in order to obtain such a result, the player must have spent roughly 40 hours of effort. Are your gardens as beautiful?

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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