Do you like DC? James Gunn has made a major reveal!

Do you like DC? James Gunn has made a major reveal! ...

Despite successes on the one hand and disappointments on the other, it is undisputed that there is a great rivalry between Marvel and DC, which is absolutely incredible. After all, both companies have to strive to outdo each other in every effort. So, with so much care with the projects and so much investment in quality, the winners are the fans of both worlds.

Despite some criticism, Marvel has maintained its leadership at an all-time high, and has now released Ant-Man 3 in theaters. However, DC presented fresh information. Namely relating to one of DC's most popular projects.

So a lot has been said recently about DC and Wonder Woman, many of whom believe the project, which is one of the most popular programs at the studio, was not part of James Gunn's intentions in reorganizing the studio. However, the DC director went public to clarify concerns and reveal that the project will return sooner than expected.

All of this information was revealed during a Twitter message from James Gunn to a fan. All that remains is to determine which actress will actually play the character. Whether or not she will continue to be the great Gal Gadot...

What do you think of all of this? Do you think this is one of DC's finest projects right now? I honestly think that Wonder Woman is exceptionally successful in theaters, and that was proved with the previous film. As such, I think it's beneficial for the studio to keep the character in mind in the comments below.

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