This Thursday is the first day of PS5: A new state of play! What to anticipate

This Thursday is the first day of PS5: A new state of play! What to anticipate ...

News about PS5 games: A New State of Play this Thursday! What to Expect

Published on 02/21/2023 at 19:09

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Sony is the first company to hold its own event after Microsoft's Developer_Direct at the end of January and a Nintendo Direct at the beginning of the month!


The State of PlayPSVR2 and Suicide Squad have been added to the program.

A New State of Play Has Arrived

For a few weeks, players have been complaining about the PlayStation brand's simplicity. Some have even counted the days between the last State of Play, which dates from September 2022, and the next supposed event. This is the first time since March 2019, when the State of Play format was launched, that there are so many days between two episodes... Today, Sony has finally revealed the date of the next event.

Players will have the opportunity to enter a whole new State of Play on this Thursday, the next February 23. The latter will be broadcast late in the evening on YouTube, starting at 10 p.m. French time.

The PSVR2 and Suicide Squad are part of the program.

This brand new episode of Sony will be divided into three parts, including a 15-minute introduction to the legendary Rocksteady (Batman Arkham) title, which for the time being remains quite improbable.

Because, as you probably already know, the PlayStation 5 virtual reality headset will be released on February 22, the day before the first digital event of this year in 2023, this State of Play will allow you to discover a total of five PSVR2 titles.

We will have the right to new pictures of "highly anticipated third-party games." Unfortunately, these have not yet been revealed, but the advantage is that the conference will be broadcast in just two days. All that remains is to bear our fears.

PS5: What's New

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