Sons of the Forest: The predecessor's legendary speedrun even blows the designers away!

Sons of the Forest: The predecessor's legendary speedrun even blows the designers away! ...

Speedruns have been an interesting and popular form of entertainment for many years. Large events such as the GDQ series are usually attended by large numbers of people. In these groups, the reactions of those who once developed the game are equally popular.

The predecessor was a speedrun competition.

IGN has published videos on YouTube about how people who have worked on the game react to a speed run for the same game. Evan Haley and Rod Green, the lead tester for Endnight Games and the project director for Sons of the Forest, watched the speed run for the same game at the time. There was awe at the time of 19 minutes and 52 seconds enormous in the "Peaceful" category.

To test out the multiplayer title 15 hours, go to the website "Howlongtobeat." Akaya Kaito cleverly exploits the game's more or less stable physics to his own advantage. In terms of marketing, such a run is currently a good fit.

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PC game enthusiasts are also familiar.

This week, exciting releases are on the way! In the next few days, four games that are currently on the top 11 on Steam's wish list will be released.

The new PC Games 03/23 are now available, including a great cover story on Atomic Heart, a test on Dead Space, last-minute information on Hogwarts Legacy, and more.

More news on the Sons of the Forest

The sequel should have been released as a full version in February. Instead, fans have to wait until February 23 first with one Early-Access-Fassung of the game content. Nevertheless, the anticipation for the game, which we have already discussed, remains.

Pcgamesn, Youtube (IGN), and Howlongtobeat are some of the most well-known sites in the world.

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