NVIDIA: There are a lot of games with DLSS and Reflex updates

NVIDIA: There are a lot of games with DLSS and Reflex updates ...

NVIDIA offers all kinds of advanced PC games with its current graphics cards, but these must also be supported. Pleasing: A whole range of titles is now receiving corresponding upgrades.

NVIDIA has confirmed that a number of (also well-known) games will support DLSS and Reflex in the future. DLSS uses AI and GeForce RTX Tensor Corse to increase framerate by graphics rendering while maintaining high-quality images that can compete with native resolution.

Seven more games are expected to support DLSS starting this month, including the brand new Atomic Heart. Also included:

Atomic Heart (coming February 21st with DLSS 3) Blood Bowl 3 (coming February 23rd with DLSS 2) Hi-Fi Rush (from available now with DLSS 2) PlanetSide 2 (available now with DLSS 2) Returnal (available now with DLSS 2) Sons of the Forest (going into Early Access February 23 with DLSS 2) Wanted: Dead (from immediately available with DLSS 2)

The number of games and apps that support DLSS has risen to over 270, with the exception of the game World of WarCraft, which has a longstanding MMORPG.

At a glance, all new games with Reflex support:

Dying Light 2: Stay Human (available now) Hi-Fi RUSH (available now) Hitman: World of Assassination (available now) Perish (available now) World of Warcraft (available now) Atomic Heart – Trailer for Today's Release

The launch trailer for Atomic Heart gives you a taste of the story, wild battles, and deadly puzzles.

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