El Xokas is drawn by IIlojuan in Atomic Heart, and the result is the finest you will see today

El Xokas is drawn by IIlojuan in Atomic Heart, and the result is the finest you will see today ...

Atomic Heart is one of the most popular games on the planet this week. Despite the fact that Mundfish is a small development studio, they have accomplished a lot of work with a fantastic game for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter set in a dystopian USSR, powered by robots, and showing clear signs of change at all levels.

The best part about Atomic Heart is that it has a lot of action, but it also allows players to explore its futuristic world. We have an example in upgrade machines who have brought out the colors of streamers like IlloJuan or alexelcapo.


Trailer for Atomic Heart's Launch

The Mundfish title includes a few humorous moments, such as the crunch game designer finally getting to rest in peace (but not before giving a speech).

IlloJuan is one of the streamers currently playing Atomic Heart, and he has paid a lot of attention to what happened last night on Twitch. It's the most hilarious thing you'll see today.

Do you see the Atomic Heart's Xokas?

Atomic Heart isn't just a strategy game; it also has a few role-playing modes that allow the player to feel part of its futuristic world.

IlloJuan was having a great time playing Atomic Heart, to the point of becoming interested in seeing different people in the fictional world that Mundfish posses.

El Xokas, the well-known Galician streamer, enters the scene when he discovers his place in the dystopian world of Atomic Heart. IlloJuan asked his community if they thought El Xokas would fit into the dystopian world of Atomic Heart.

IlloJuan began drawing El Xokas in Microsoft Paint, pretending that the Galician streamer was a character in Atomic Heart.

IlloJuan's drawing resembles that of El Xokas, right? In a somewhat simplified manner, but the similarities with the Galician's look are evident.

El Xokas is an exceptional comedian who has gone viral on all Internet forums. Both for his opinions and his particular sense of humor, Atomic Heart is a must-see activity.

Atomic Heart would consist of what kinds of characters and streamers? Is it time to include Ibai or even Gerard Piqué in the Focus Home and Mundfish shooter?

Atomic Heart is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One y PC starting today, February 21, and you may also play it for free if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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