TSMC Confirms That Its Node 3 Is Better Than It Was Expected

TSMC Confirms That Its Node 3 Is Better Than It Was Expected ...

TSMC's "star product" is the 3 nm node, although as we saw in this article, the demand isn't as good as planned, and for this reason the company has considered reducing prices when demand decreases, although in this instance, they're not encouraging only that.

The 3nm node at TSMC's 3nm facility began mass production in Q4 2022, which means the giant already has more than enough data to make a first assessment of this at the wafer level.

Both values exceeded expectations, according to the first information, and this is crucial for the Taiwanese company, since this node will become a major foundation for a multitude of new goods in the technology industry in the future.

When it comes to the 3nm node, Apple will be the most important customer for TSMC. This means that we must include both the A17 Bionic, which will be used on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Plus, as well as the M3, which will be used on future MacBooks and desktop Mac series.

AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel will all utilize the 3nm node on different dates. The first two recently made the leap to the 5nm node, so we can almost certainly say that they will probably not begin using the 3nm one until at least two years later.

Intel's first generation Meteor Lake processors will probably include a 5nm node, according to reports. This would mean that the company would postpone the deployment of TSMC's 3nm node until the arrival of Arrow Lake, the successor to Meteor Lake.

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