Murders of Sasikala and Anish Narra: How Did They Die? Who Killed Them?

Murders of Sasikala and Anish Narra: How Did They Die? Who Killed Them? ...

Sasikala Narra and her son, Anish Narra, were found murdered in their house in March 2017. Authorities were determined to catch the culprit and investigate the crime as much as possible.

What Happened to Sasikala and Anish Narra's Death?

Sasikala Narra, a British citizen, was just 38 years old when she died of her mother's disease. She was employed at Cognizant while living in Fox Meadow Apartments in Maple Shade with her husband and their six-year-old son.

Anish, a 6-year-old boy, was a lively kid who loved spending time with his parents. He excelled at school, but they had no clue that a brutal crime would ruin their dreams. On March 23, 2017, 911 personnel in Maple Shade received a phone call advising them about a possible double homicide.

Both victims were declared dead on the spot by the authorities, although a murder weapon was not located. Furthermore, the authorities on the scene were shocked by the brutal nature of the crime as the victims were stabbed mercilessly, with the 6-year-old sporting injuries on his hands, indicating that he fought for his life.

Sasikala and Anish Narra were killed.Who was responsible?

Hanumantha Rao Narra, Sasikala's husband, claimed to have made the 911 call before discovering Sasikala and Anish lying unresponsive on the bed. He called the cops without wasteing time and asked for assistance before awaiting their arrival. The first investigation determined that there was no evidence of forced entry, although the majority of items were still intact.

Detectives began interviewing Sasikala and Anish's acquaintances in search of a clue. Authorities claimed that he was familiar with the victims' families and had a friendly connection with the six-year-old child. He further claimed that Sasikala and Hanumantha's relationship was rather fragile.

Abdul stated that Hanumantha was the one who mistreated his wife, as he would often scream at her and even force her to sit in the backseat while driving. Interestingly, he even noted that Sasikala appeared quite sad in the days leading up to the double murder. Hanumantha claimed he was at a work party and had returned home around 9 PM after discovering the bodies.

Although Hanumantha was suspected by his co-workers during the initial investigation, there was no evidence to support him in the crime. Moreover, authorities announced that Hanumantha was cleared of all suspicions shortly after, and he was even permitted to travel to India for his family's funerals. Once the investigation was moved from him, the New Jersey police summoned the FBI to assist with the case.

The family of Sasikala and Anish's father continue to hope to discover the perpetrator of the crime.

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