Season 6 of Lady Nagant Makes Her My Hero Academia Debut

Season 6 of Lady Nagant Makes Her My Hero Academia Debut ...

My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 20 was released on Saturday, introducing us to one of the fanbase's favorite side characters, Lady Nagant. While the episode itself was more of a setup episode and more so of a way to give viewers a new appreciation of what society has become, the interaction between Deku and Lady Nagant left plenty to be desired.

Lady Nagant's Debut

Lady Nagan's debut is one of the best-executed villain revelations in the My Hero Academia series, and this episode did a fantastic job of establishing her entrance. Deku's internal monologue and her first encounter with All For One, who praised her, were all aspects that made her debut extraordinary.

Lady Nagant is a refreshing change from the previous My Hero Academia female character arc. While Toga isn't a bubbly teenager with idealistic ambitions and dreams, the villains change their script and bring out their own bad-ass female character. On top of that, she's a former hero who is currently facing Shigaraki's intention to save them.

The Current State of Heroes

While many of us expected that this episode would focus solely on Deku and Lady Nagant's battle, the first half of the episode focused a lot on the country's decline. I don't think the scenes with Endeavor in this episode are that necessary in the first place. It's established that the heroes are currently engaged in a losing battle against both the villains and how society perceives them. At the end of the last arc, this feels like an unnecessary reminder that the citizens no longer trust the heroes.

Deku is attempting to save a citizen in everything with the least amount of violence possible, although that's not the case. It's just that he's earning the respect of the strongest heroes, including Endeavor.

Season 6 Episode 20 of My Hero Academia

Given that Lady Nagant and Deku's fight has just begun, and we still have much to learn from Lady Nagant's past, this has been a fantastic start overall to the story's Dark Hero Arc, and the new tone of the series is reassuring to its core.

9/10My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 20 is up for grabs in our weekly poll! Episode 21, titled "The Lovely Lady Nagant," will air on Saturday, February 25.

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