The Jodios Stand Unleashed! Plot and Release Date for The JOJOLands Chapter 2

The Jodios Stand Unleashed! Plot and Release Date for The JOJOLands Chapter 2 ...

The JOJOLands has exploded like a burst of Stands in a blaze of dynamic action panels. This is without a doubt causing a lot of interest around the globe. The new JoJo character brings a fresh-faced hero with a bold new energy that takes the narrative further into unknown territory!

The JOJOLands, Jodio, and Dragona will have a different mission next time. They will have a fight with another group, so keep reading to find out more!

What Will Happen Next in the JOJOLands Chapter 2?

Jodio and his gang will meet their boss M's office in Chapter 1. There they will have a new mission. M will want Jodio and his gang to teach them a lesson by destroying their drug lab and taking their drug stash. Paco will be eager to accept the assignment.

While Dragona and Paco enter the lab and steal drugs, the gangs will prepare for the mission by acquiring weapons and planning a strategy. They will successfully execute the plan, but as they leave the lab, Jodio will be confronted by members of the opposing group. After the fight, the group will return to M’s office with the stolen drugs.

M will be impressed with their success and will reward them with a large sum of money. However, Jodio will begin to question whether gang life is worth the risk, especially since he is putting his family in danger in the future!

A Quick Recap

The new JoJo was introduced earlier in The JOJOLands Chapter 1: The JOJOLands. A 15-year-old boy who lived in Hawaii with his family. He and his older brother, Dragona, were members of a smuggled drug syndicate that protected their mother at the airport. At the meeting, Meryl asked them to forbid a wealthy couple to buy a property.

Jodio murdered the woman because she ruffled his feathers. She enthused Meryl. Thus, he gave them lots of money. However, the ghost of the woman he murdered haunted the mansion. He talked to his brother and friend about it.

The ghost forgave him and disappeared. And Jodio learned a valuable lesson about his actions.

Release Date for The JOJOLands Chapter 2

The JOJOLands Chapter 2 will be published on February 24, 2023. You can read Chapter 2 in the next issue of Ultra Jump. For further information, keep checking back here.

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