Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 7 Takes a Break! Release Date and Spoilers

Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 7 Takes a Break! Release Date and Spoilers ...

Kubo and Shiraishi are expected to become a couple in the future. Shiraishi has been noticed by Kubo's entire family since he was attempting to observe him peeking at magazines. Later, an employer discovers him red-handed and he removes his student ID.

Kubo will be experimenting on Shiraishi once more. The next episode will be released shortly, considering how popular the anime is.

What Will Happen Next in Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible?

Kubo and Shiraishi will share an umbrella under the rain together in episode 7. Shiraishi is shy and will not agree to being under the same umbrella as Kubo. Kubo gets angry and shoves her umbrella before leaving by herself.

Kubo mentions how she wants Shiraishi to be with her the whole time she's visiting him. She tells him how she likes him taking her to places so they could chat. Kubo's elder sister notices them soon.

Recap of the Previous Episode

Shiraishi is treated like a gacha deity in Kubo's Office and Main Character. He was hesitant to reveal his whereabouts because he still had bed hair and would be embarrassed if he were seen like that later in the episode.

Kubo misses Shiraishi so much that even her friends begin to notice it. She considers texting him, but she finds it difficult to do so later thanks to Shiraishi's younger brother.

Release Date for Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Episode 7

The next episode will not be released anytime soon. It will only be released in April due to COVID-19. So, stay tuned with List23 for more updates and announcements.

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