The release date for I Got Cheat Skill in Another World Anime is now available! Plot Details

The release date for I Got Cheat Skill in Another World Anime is now available! Plot Details ...

The much-awaited anime adaptation of the light novel series I Got Cheat Skill in Another World Anime will be released shortly. This includes the main promo video as well as the anime's entire cast and staff.

In another world anime, I developed a cheat skill, according to an announcement.

On Sunday, the makers announced the anime's release date in a live stream event. The event also featured Tsukuyomi's opening theme song, Gyakuten Geki (Turnabout Drama). The entire staff behind the anime will be directed by TMS. Millepensee will direct the animation.

Shin Itagaki will be the chief director, while Shingo Tanabe will direct the anime and Hiromi Kimura will direct the actors for animation. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will play Yuya Tenjo, Akari Kito will play Kaori Hojo, and Mai Nakahara will play Rin Kanzaki, who has not been confirmed. The sound director will be Ryousuke Naya, who will direct the anime.

What Is The Anime About?

Yuya Tenjo is a high school student who is experiencing a rough time. He is bullied by his classmates and treated poorly by his family, except for his loving grandfather. However, Yuya is forced to live in his grandfather's old house. There, Yuya discovers a new world!

Yuya discovers that he has the ability to transform his life for the better. He is no longer the weak, overweight boy he was before. He is a unique person, someone who can stand up for himself and take control of his own destiny.

Yuya will have to learn to navigate this new world and find a way to make things right. With the help of his grandfather's spirit and his own inner strength, he'll be able to overcome anything.

Another World Anime: I Got Cheat Skill: Release Date

The LN sold 2 million copies of its volumes throughout the world, putting an end to its popularity. The next version of I Got Cheat Skill in Another World will be released on April 6, 2023. For further information, keep checking back here.

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