Woody, an YSL actor, was caught in a 4K film discussing an alleged Young Thug MurderScheme

Woody, an YSL actor, was caught in a 4K film discussing an alleged Young Thug MurderScheme ...

In a newly released video, YSL Woody discusses a complex murder plot that reportedly involved Young Thug. Woody is seen participating in an interrogation where he begins discussing the Atlanta rapper's involvement in a plot to have someone killed that night.

Woody, also known as Kenneth Copeland, pleads with the authorities to ensure that revealing the critical information would help his case. However, the authorities said they could not offer him any special treatment. Despite the fact, the two detectives assured him that they would follow his instructions.

Copeland admits that someone is going to be murdered tonight. “The things that I know right now should help me get out of my situation,” he adds.

Woody then elaborates on his tale, stating that a person named Shell Kell is the intended target. He further says that the person threatening to kill Kell is "mad" at them and "obsessed with this guy."

Law enforcement begins to press Copeland to clarify who is behind this deadly plot, joking to him, "Who are you talking about, Jeffery?" The YSL affiliate replies, confirms the Slime Season entertainer's participation.

"This ni**a here is so smart, he's moving differently." It's difficult to keep up with how he's moving. He's not moving the way he used to. But he wants this ni**a so bad that he's been reckless."

"That's why I stay away from him," he continues, after calling Thug "stupid" for continuing to work after becoming rich. "That's why you never see me post."

YSL Woody was initially detained on October 27, 2021 after being discovered driving his girlfriend's vehicle with a loaded rifle, according to WSB-TV.

Aliyah Jackson, a former police officer, attempted to delete the convicted felon's Instagram page that contained evidence of gang affiliations. Jackson's actions prompted the officer to be arrested as well.

Young Thug, 31, is currently facing nine charges in his RICO case. Several of his charges include a high count of racketeering conspiracy, with prosecutions alleging he had marijuana, codeine, and cocaine.

Prosecutors claim that the superstar owned a machine gun and rented the 2014 silver Infiniti Q50 used in the killing of Donovan Thomas Jr., a rival gang member in January 2015.

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