Judge Mathis was canceled after 20 years and is now taking over as a judge in BlackStudio

Judge Mathis was canceled after 20 years and is now taking over as a judge in BlackStudio ...

Warner Brothers has canceled his long-running daytime court show, Judge Mathis, this week, due to the network's "going out of the judge show business."

"Hey folks, I'm certain by now you know that Warner Brothers is going to get out of the judge show business — canceling me and People's Court — but the good news is, the other studios are not going to get out of the judge show business. And as you can see with this robe still on, something might be happening real soon. And if it does, it will be — and it will be — with a black studio this time."

"I want to be able to empower Black businessmen and Black studios in order to attract more Black people and air more Black shows," he said. One of the studios dismissed all people of color and hired white men to take their places, according to others. When there's a push for African-American images, it's easy to see why.

Despite my near-future plans, I'm glad to be able to express to you that you'll continue to provide me with a judge program, perhaps a judge program, or just the talk show," he added. "I wanna thank you more than anything for your help and encouragement."

Following Mathis' retirement from the Michigan State Supreme Court in the 36th District, the Judge Mathis program became the longest-running Black male TV host in history. In 2018, the 62-year-old also won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program, which also became the first court show with a Black judge to win the award.

Mathis has been transparent throughout his television career about what prompted him to pursue law and his guidance to others: his early gang dealings and run-ins with the law resulted in prison time. Nevertheless, the popular TV personality has gone on to serve as a civil rights advocate and chair for the Rainbow Push Coalition's educational sector Push Excel.

Mathis has yet to announce his next major move, but he warns supporters to "stay tuned." See his cheerful cancellation video below.

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