Nikki Reed Posses for a Rare Baby Bump in honor of Pregnant Willis

Nikki Reed Posses for a Rare Baby Bump in honor of Pregnant Willis ...

Rumer is expecting her first child, while Nikki is having her second child.

Nikki Reed and Rumer Willis, a 34-year-old Twilight actress, shared a photo on Instagram on Monday with the Empire actress, 34, who will have her first child later this year.

Nikki jokingly hugged Demi Moore's daughter in the snap, claiming that she and Rumer were models of maternity as they embraced.

Rumer has been leaning on close friends and family since making his dad Bruce's frontotemporal dementia diagnosis public on Thursday, February 16. The Die Hard star's inner circle said he was diagnosed with aphasia back in Mar. 2022.

The family thanked supporters for their support over the past ten months for Bruce's condition, which has now been diagnosed as frontotemporal dementia.

"Unfortunately, communication difficulties are just one symptom of the problem Bruce is experiencing," said the statement. "While this is distressing, it is satisfying to finally have a clear diagnosis."

Scout Willis, 31, updated followers on social media about how she was "emotionally tired" and "overwhelmed" she was by the outpouring of support. She continued by expressing how "incredibly grateful" she and her sisters have been for her father's mother and father.

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