Is there a Red Rose Season 2? [Feb 21 Update]

Is there a Red Rose Season 2? [Feb 21 Update] ...

Then, we discuss whether or not Red Rose will have a second season, and whether or not it has been renewed or canceled.

After its summer 2022 run on BBC Three, the British teen horror series Red Rose was released on Netflix in February 2023.

Rochelle (Isis Hainsworth) is a recently bereaved teen who discovers the Red Rose app as a way to get her life back on track before things take a shockingly nasty turn for Rochelle and her whole group of friends.

The series features a cast of young actors such as Amelia Clarkson, Ashna Rabheru, Ali Khan, and Ashna Rabheru. It also includes social commentary about young people and technology, a mysterious villain, and relevant topics faced by today's teens.

Red Rose's response has been mixed. The show earned a high approval rating of 100% fromRotten Tomatoes critics, while the audience score of 53% is significantly lower. On IMDB, the series averaged a relatively low score of 6.3/10 from audience members, making this one of those rare shows where there's a significant disconnect between viewers' and critics' opinions.

If you can overlook the somewhat dated overall appearance, feel, and central message, as well as the horror that wavers in and out of focus, there's a pretty solid story of grief, social navigation, and the allure of exploitative technology here, if you're looking for it.

The Clarkson twins planned to leave the door open for future seasons as the series' conclusion wore a rather ambiguous mini-cliffhanger. The program has now moved to Netflix. Is the streaming company planning to renew the show?

Will there be a Season 2 of Red Rose? – renewed or canceled status?

The BBC or Netflix have yet to release a second season. The program had its Netflix premiere in February 2023, so the higher-ups may still be waiting to hear from customers and see how it performs before deciding whether or not the series will be renewed.

The criticisms loved Red Rose, and the show has a fascinating and very relevant narrative. This one will most likely be renewed in the next few weeks/months.

If Netflix decides to renew the series for a second season, it might be ready to air as early as late 2023 or even early 2024. I think there's a good possibility we haven't seen the last of the creepy Red Rose app. We'll update this post when it comes out.

How many seasons of Red Rose do there have?

Red Rose will have just one season at this time. Fans will be eager to hear more details about the series' future plans.

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