From Jensen Ackles to the robotic twins, here are five questions you may have about Atomic Heart

From Jensen Ackles to the robotic twins, here are five questions you may have about Atomic Heart ...

Atomic Heart made its debut on PC and consoles PlayStation e Xbox. The game is presented as an FPS with role-playing elements that are rich in style and set in an evocative scenario inspired by a hypothetical Soviet Union in 1955.

There are five essentials and curiosities about Atomic Heartnow, available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, before going into frightening and menacing scenarios as the agent P-3here.

C'è Jensen Has an Atomic Heart?

Jensen Ackles' participation in Atomic Heart with Supernatural and The Boys is well-known among gamers, but does he also appear in the game? Unfortunately not, Ackles' participation is limited to the trailer only, and there is no sign of the star at risk.

The robotic twins

In addition to the excitement that these games offer, the robot twins are a must-see item. Although they are played as bodyguards to Dr Dmitry Sechenov, the robotic creatures quickly became a fan favourite, and they sparked a marketing campaign to promote the game. Their fascinating design, which appears to be derived from the Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama.

Art from the Soviet Union

The game's greatest artistic merit is its ability to highlight Soviet aesthetics and art. In fact, never before had a video game focused so heavily on this sort of artistic direction, as here strongly highlighted by Atomic Heart, allowing it to stand apart from the other open world games on the market.

Who is P-3, anyway?

Major P-3, who is well-known for his arrogance and dark character, must also be remembered between combat, exploration, and aesthetics.

A "glove" for a friend

The protagonist will be able to use the Polymer Glove as a valuable guide in battle: it can in fact unleash powerful elemental attacks that are based on ice, fire, and electricity, which can be used with normal firearms to mitigate damage.

For those who want to focus on the main story, skip the following review of Atomic Heart. Here's how long Atomic Heart lasts.

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