Remake im Test: Front Mission 1st (Switch)

Remake im Test: Front Mission 1st (Switch) ...

Front ­Mission is a strategy game that was reserved for Japanese gamers in the 1990s due to the usual language barrier, but the turn-based battles were played without problems thanks to the English interface.

Front Mission and its impressive iso-graphics and heavy mech sprites (the so-called "wanzers") in the fight sequences became a favorite of the import faction. In terms of play, the new version fits exactly the same as the original from 1995, but also offers the second storyline from the DS version: Who prefers to keep the original perspective, who can also do that.

Front Mission has a unique feature: Your mechs are divided into hit zones. If any arm or leg is broken, the whole Wanzer is gone. Moreover, an unusual number of attacks go wrong repeatedly and again, especially since the enemy is usually in the majority.

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