Solutions to the challenges of week 12 of Season 1 of Fortnite in Chapter 4

Solutions to the challenges of week 12 of Season 1 of Fortnite in Chapter 4 ...

Fortnite has a new week of challenges called "adrenaline rush missions" in Chapter 4 of this season 1. They are already available, already in the missions of week 12 and within the series of challenges known as "adrenaline rush missions."

We also encountered some interesting challenges such as being three seconds in the air inside a land vehicle, gaining 500,000 points for doing tricks with a motorcycle, and eating high berries in the same game.

Realize that each of these "adrenaline rush" challenges will earn 16,000 experience points that we may use to continue to receive battle pass points.

So join us in solving all of the difficulties of week 12 of Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4, so you don't miss a single experience point.


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Solutions to the challenges of week 12 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite Season 1

For the week 12 missions in Fortnite, we offer you the answer:

In the games we desire, we must eat a total of five rush berries, which are included in the orange area of the map in a great number of places, so you will not have any difficulties in obtaining them and using them.

When we are inside a ground vehicle, we must stay three seconds in the air. The easiest way to get out of a hill or a mountain is to build a ramp to the maximum height that is permitted. You might also use a dirt bike with the jump feature.

While we are waving or after claiming the flag, we have to only gesture or dance for five seconds.

Try to land in low-populated areas on the map so that you may claim the location. Don't worry, the map already shows the exact location of the flag in each of the areas.

When doing tricks with dirt bikes and motorcycles that can be found at a wide array of locations throughout the map, especially in the orange area, you must earn 500,000 points.

Simply look for any slope or build it yourself, and jump with the bike to do the various tricks. Along with the appropriate wheelie, you may also do skids.

Use any weapon to destroy objects in different areas, including street furniture.

In the first phase, it is required to destroy ten objects, in the second 30 objects, in the third 60 objects, and in the fourth phase, 100 objects.

A.S. rifles are a game that will be encountered randomly and normally throughout the game.

In phase 1, we must inflict 200 damage points, in the second phase 600 damage points, in the third phase 1200 damage points, and in the final phase 2000 damage points.

Every week, you must earn 50,000 PE by playing maps in creative mode, simply by clicking on the one you want on the discover tab.

For each of these difficulties resolved, you will be able to earn 16,000 experience points, allowing you to receive all of Fortnite Chapter 4's rewards.

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