PC Building Simulator 2: A Second Content Update With a New Set of Features

PC Building Simulator 2: A Second Content Update With a New Set of Features ...

No matter how bizarre it may be to screw virtual PCs together on the PC, PC Building Simulator 2 has its supporters. A second content update now gives greater customization for the components.

Spiral House is releasing update 1.2 for PC Building Simulator 2 today, which includes several new components. There are two new manufacturer partnerships, including with PNY and Steiger Dynamics.

The partnership with PNY expands your builds with the XLR8 line of enthusiast goods, including GPUs, SSDs, and RAM, available in-game starting today, as well as LEET and MAVEN cases from another new partner – Steiger Dynamics are.

The Custom Cable Shop is a brand new feature in PC Building Simulator 2. Players may now order any color combination of 24 pin, 8 pin, 6 pin, or SATA cables.

Over 20 brand new components are included in the update, including new DDR5 RAM products from CORSAIR, PATRIOT, G.SKill, and PNY, ASROCK, and GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards, as well as AMD's anticipated Radeon RX 7900 XT and Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs.

Two Career Mode upgrades and seven Workshop DLCs have sold over 2 million copies since the original's release in 2018, and another 11 million players have purchased the Title for free on the Epic Games Store in September 2021.

Update 1.2 of PC Building Simulator 2 – Trailer

PC Building Simulator 2's second major upgrade includes colored cables as well as new partners PNY and Steiger Dynamics.

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