Pedro Pascal was exuberant when he captured a crucial scene from The Last of Us 106

Pedro Pascal was exuberant when he captured a crucial scene from The Last of Us 106 ...

The Last of Us is coming to an end, with the sixth episode remaining the most engaging in the face of all that will come in this brilliant adaptation of Naughty Dog performed by HBO Max.

Joel opens up to his brother Tommy and confesses his greatest fears and guilt, and the greatest thing is that his brother takes over in the mission to take Ellie to the Fireflies.

Jasmila bani, the director of episode 106 of The Last of Us, revealed that Pedro Pascal was both excited and impressed by the actor's abilities in a recent interview with Variety.

Pedro's story is quite emotional. I was filming it like a second; first we filmed Gabriel, then I noticed that every time we did it again, Pedro was crying.

Pedro was not on camera, but he was crying because he was giving everything to his partner so he might perform. This is very special. It's such a generous act to give such a lot of money to an actor.


'Left Behind', a 107 teaser for The Last of Us, adapts the game's DLC.

On HBO Max, Ellie's Time Is Here.

Our protagonists continue their quest to discover the Fireflies' lab after meeting Tommy (with the appearance of a key character from TLOU Part 2), but before they arrive at the location there is no one, so it is time to continue the journey and discover where they are going.

Before leaving, they are confronted by a fresh group of looters. Joel is seriously injured and now Ellie must take care of his protection. Will they be successful?

The next episode of The Last of Us 107 will be titled Left Behind and will adapt the Naughty Dog game's eponymous DLC.

Although this section of the plot is narrated in the main video game, we see a specific point in this arc where Ellie must deal with these dangerous looters while alternating with flashbacks about her past.

Ellie's time at the PHAEDRA military academy, her connection with Riley, and the circumstances under which she was discovered to be infected, will be discussed in the next episode of the series.

Starting next Monday, February 27, 2023, Episode 107 of The Last of Us will be available on HBO Max's catalog. In the meantime, here are 10 great series for which HBO Max is worth the investment.

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