Resident Evil 4: A trick has allowed you to stay alive for the time being!

Resident Evil 4: A trick has allowed you to stay alive for the time being! ...

Resident Evil 4: A cheat has been developed for you to keep fighting this evil entity that killed you for sure!

Published on 02/21/2023 at 14:40

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While the Resident Evil 4 remake will be released in a month, players remain loyal to the original game. Seventeen years later, here is a remarkable discovery about a cult foe.

Is there anything you can do with video games that is always exciting, even years later! Whether it is an easter egg - a hidden secret -, a new character - function that can be unlocked via a precise sequence of buttons, or a hidden area beneath our noses, there is something for everyone.

Today, it's the fantastic Resident Evil 4, released on Gamecube and PS2 in 2005, that's what's interested me. Remember those terrible enemies with a chainsaw and one-hit kill? Yes, players have found a way to escape them seventeen years after the release of Capcom's iconic game.

To savor your thoughts, it's necessary.

The video of Resident Evil 4 was posted on YouTube a few days ago, entitled "Leon pushes back the chainsaw, weird animation" The hero can be seen surviving "Dr. Salvador", one of the main opponents who has the so familiar sound... After a major blow to the jugular that would have thrown any head, Léon pushes back his attacker. It is still alive.

Leon should have died instantly... "If the chainsaw man attacks with the fast animation", says Yung, who composed the video. "I tried this on the Nintendo Switch version in normal mode, but I have no clue whether to press a button or something".

Have you left an leftover from the base game?

Yung also describes videos from Resident Evil 4's VR and 360 versions. Obviously this only applies to the HD and PC versions, but for this final support, another Internet user performed the test with the Invincibility mode activated, and it works. "It's really in the software!" says one Internet user.

Below the video where Leon almost gets his head ripped off in virtual reality, a fan responds, asking, "It's probably leftover animation." "If anyone checks the original Resident 4, there is a scene where the hero fights against the adversary without being decapitated".

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