Organ Quarter: a survival horror game that has had a trailer for PlayStation VR2, has been released

Organ Quarter: a survival horror game that has had a trailer for PlayStation VR2, has been released ...

Organ Quarter is a new PlayStation VR2 game. A teaser for Sony's new virtual reality headset has been released.

The next PlayStation VR2 game called "Organ Quarter" has been announced. The game is not a new gaming experience; it's already available on Steam for years, with a price of under 25 euros.

Organ Quarter is a VR survival horror game that includes maze-like environments, resource management, and puzzles. Players may pay homage to the '90s' survival horror stories by exploring a horrific environment.

Up to eight hours of terrifying experience

Players with "Organ Quarter" do not have to worry about a wave shooter or walking simulator, according to the developer. "It is an experience that takes place over a period of five to eight hours, with intricately linked levels, weapon combat, and resources at the player's disposal," the game states.

With that in mind, players will explore a city that has "been transformed into a wasteland and a body horror nightmare, filled with bizarre creatures."

"Organ Quarter," a horror game that both Steam users played, was extremely popular. On average, the game was rated "very good."

More PlayStation VR2 news:

PlayStation VR2 will be released tomorrow as an upgrade for the PS5 by Sony's official store. Customers who pre-ordered their copy early from Sony's official store should receive an email this week, highlighting the shipping costs.

Below is a teaser showing what Organ Quarter has to offer for PlayStation VR2. The publication will be published in spring 2023.

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