Aroged Ikut E3 2023 by Ubisoft

Aroged Ikut E3 2023 by Ubisoft ...

What happened to the E3 event, which was once a mecca for gaming information as well as generating interest on big titles, is regrettable. In fact, the epidemic situation at that time resulted in E3 being dubbed a "important" event, especially with the Summer Game Fest, which at the same time ended up attracting a wider audience. But at least this one big name is still loyal.

Ubisoft has finally confirmed that they will take part in the E3 2023 physical event in Los Angeles in June 2023. They have yet to elaborate on the program, but they are certain that E3 will be a special event for the gaming industry.

Ubisoft has been officially confirmed to take part in E3 2023.

E3 2023 has yet to provide any definitive confirmation on the list of companies and developers that will participate. Will Ubisoft be the sole major publisher joining in? Or will this be the beginning of a push for other publishers to follow suit? Let's wait.

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