Create a 30-minute partnership with Glovo in Madrid to expedite deliveries in 30 minutes

Create a 30-minute partnership with Glovo in Madrid to expedite deliveries in 30 minutes ...

Create, a designer appliances and household goods company, and Glovo, a Spanish technology company, have reached an agreement that is vital for the promotion of lightning fast deliveries in Madrid.

Glovo users will have an On-line Shop of Create in their app, and will be able to receive the company's products at home or anywhere in the city in an average of 30 minutes.

With the exception of large-volume items, users may purchase kitchen, home and garden items, vacuum cleaners, personal care, and air conditioning.

Create was established in 2019 as the first digital native Spanish brand in the design and home appliance industries. It is currently present in more than ten countries through various marketing channels, mostly digital, as well as its new store at Gran Va 76.

Create's aim to develop ultra-rapid goods deliveries across all sizes of goods through strategic alliances with large distribution companies and local businesses is reflected in this new Glovo agreement.

Borja Olazábal, the director of Glovo's Q-Commerce for Spain, says, "We continue to connect our customers with the endless possibilities of their cities. Working with Create allows us to expand our offering and maintain ourselves as a reference multi-category app in Spain."

Create's CEO, Luis Monserrate: "At Create, we're always looking for ways to improve our customer experience. This partnership allows us to deliver our products at the very moment they need them, whether it's for a need in their own home or to receive the perfect present just in time".

After almost four years of experience as a native digital brand and a territorial expansion that encompasses all of Europe and some American countries, Create has decided to go for a pop up format in October 2022. It will remain open at least until March.

With more over 10 employees and 100 m2 for sale and display, more than 150 references are available for sale. In addition, you can buy any of the brand's products from the store itself, even if they aren't available there, with home delivery and a omnichannel sales strategy.

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