The Nintendo Switch will receive Call Of Duty

The Nintendo Switch will receive Call Of Duty ...

Microsoft has reached a ten-year legal agreement with Nintendo. Among the games that have been dropped are Call of Duty by Activision Blizzard. The vice chairman and the president shared the news on his Twitter account on February 21.

Nintendo has never focused on Call of Duty titles. Mario, the company's mainstay for decades, or the Legend of Zelda franchise has shown an interest in bringing their titles to other gamers who prefer Nintendo Switch or its successor in the future. Therefore, the idea of bringing Call of Duty to Nintendo devices appears to be somewhat outright.

It's no surprise that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt orLife is Strange aren't typical Switch games, but they're still played on the handheld console. People simply discovered them.

Brad Smith claims that the games would be identical to those that will be released on Xbox or PlayStation. Moreover, the games should launch on the same day. However, we are talking here about simplified versions.

SOURCE: The President of Microsoft's Tweet

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