The Leader Pass Rulers of the Sahara DLC for Civilization VI is now available

The Leader Pass Rulers of the Sahara DLC for Civilization VI is now available ...

The Tulers Of The Sahara DLC Pack includes three new leaders, two of which may be used with only the base game, while the other requires the Gathering Storm expansion.

Ramses and Ptolemaic Cleopatra for Egypt, and King Sundiata Keita for Mali, are three new leaders.

Abu Simbel, Ramses' unique ability, is the one who speaks for himself.

  • Gain Culture equal to 15% of the construction cost when finishing Buildings and 30% when completing Wonders.

It's a simple one that may be summarized in one sentence one. On paper, it's still quite powerful. Having an Egypt that is incredibly efficient at producing buildings and Wonders will give them massive lump sum drops of culture, which would make it difficult for others to pursue a cultural victory... unless Egypt is conquered.

Meanwhile, a new Cleopatra variation, Ptolemaic Cleopatra, has the ability to receive Hapi's arrival.

  • Resources along floodplains receive +1 food and +1 culture.
  • +1 appeal on floodplains instead of standard -1.

Egypt will be situationally strong, if there are plenty of floodplain tiles to build cities on. Both bonuses should help Egypt in the early and late game, and both should give some advantage for a cultural victory.

King Sundiata Keita is the new leader for the Mali civ, who has a unique ability as Sogolon.

  • It costs 20% less gold to Recruit Great People and the Market gains 2 Great Writing slots
  • Great Works of Writing receive +4 Gold and +2 Production

This complements Mali's gold-centric game, which should be flexible and open to new approaches to victory, but now you may hoard Great People.

Two additional DLC packs of six will be released as part of the Leader Pass. Civilization VI is currently only available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Mac App Store, and iOS.

In other news, publisher 2K has announced that a new Civilization game is in the works.

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