Is Georgia still dating Dom from Perfect Match?

Is Georgia still dating Dom from Perfect Match? ...

Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel's 'Perfect Match' on Netflix's 'Perfect Match' gives us hope. After all, neither hesitated to jump heart first when they realized there might be something real between them. So now, like us, you've got all the necessary information.

Georgia and Dom's Perfect Match Journey

After a sincere conversation, Dom and Francesca Farago, the 'Too Hot to Handle' star decided to stick to his emotional side, only for Francesca to suddenly leave him for someone she knows.

Dom's heart was broken as he was a total believer in the reality personality turned influencer, even if he refused to give up the whole dating effort. Neither Ines Tazi ('The Circle France') nor Georgia ('Too Hot to Handle' season 3) were willing to give up because they believed he, more than anyone else, deserves a shot at love.

Georgia took a leap of faith by asking him if he would be willing to try their own possible connection, despite his insatiable desire to be paired up with strategic player Chase DeMoor ('Too Hot to Handle' season 2).

Dom was certainly surprised by this offer, but he gladly agreed because he could not deny that Georgia is exceptional, resulting in them getting to know one oner on a much deeper level. In fact, the star of 'The Mole' demonstrated this through his actions during both the visits he'd been placed on by other couples.

Is Georgia still alive?

The two couples who met at the age of 20 seemed to be like two peas in a pod; there were no conflicts, and neither of them had the sort of simple, natural comfort they'd both craved. Despite the fact, one of the latter's closest friends, Ines, confessed that she might be having romantic feelings for him the night before, allowing the couple to become even more actively involved in the experiment as well as with one another.

Georgia and Dom have not been in a romantic relationship since their social media platforms were updated as of writing. The fact they continue to follow each other on Instagram, all the while making occasional comments on rare posts suggests that their association.

Georgia and Harry Jowsey have since gotten romantically involved with a fellow Australian film star of 'Too Hot to Handle,' in June 2022. They were on vacation in Hawaii at the same time in February 2023.

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