After Ian Hocks' proposal, Eva Amurri's daughter shows off her ring

After Ian Hocks' proposal, Eva Amurri's daughter shows off her ring ...

Eva Amurri shared the news of her engagement to Ian Hock with Taylor Swift's "Lover." "It's all good to end up with you," Eva wrote on February 20 in a joint post with Taylor's "Lover." Ian, 38, posed alongside Eva, with the new sparkle on her finger. "We're so grateful."

Eva and Augusta Amurri met up on the city streets where they got engaged in the mid-1980s.

“Yaaaaaaaaaay and duh!!!! So happy for you!!!! Beautiful couple,” wrote Kat Dennings on the post. “It's about time Ian,” added Mary Orton Scudellari. “Yahoo!” added Beth Behrs, as well as three heart emojis, as others shared their well-wishes.

Eva's romance dates back to two years after she and her ex-husband, former professional soccer player and sports broadcaster Kylie Martino, finalized their divorce. They welcomed three children during their ten-year marriage.

Eva wrote in a 2021 blog post on her website Happily Eva After, saying, "Nobody enters a marriage expecting to find themselves nearly a decade later." There is a lot of vulnerability and possibility in opening oneself up again after divorce."

Eva said she's "extremely happy" to tell you that she has a wonderful boyfriend in her life. "He's super generous, creative, handsome, and funny, and we have a lot in common." He's also 6'4" and makes me feel like a "small person," which she describes as "not a public figure."

"I felt so close to him and so safe with him," she wrote of the meeting. "It was an old-fashioned courtship in many ways.... We went at my pace," she said.

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