Ant-Man 3 boos: Is the Marvel formula superior?

Ant-Man 3 boos: Is the Marvel formula superior? ...

I went to my local game store and saw (and almost purchased) a fantastic modded Game Boy Color, and I also got a chance to see a new marvel film with friends. Of course we saw it new ant man, even if one of the leading actresses made me uncomfortable, but even more amazing was the reaction of large sections of the audience after about two hours of cinema pleasure.

I'm a huge Marvel follower.

I've seen practically every single Marvel film in the cinema in recent years. Which means I was paying somewhat cheaper ticket prices every three months or so to see films that I could have easily streamed on Disney Plus just a few weeks later.

I'm a Marvel fan, and you may rightly refer to me as such in 2020, when I got to see all of the films I've missed in the previous years at home thanks to Disney Plus. However, since then, I'm always looking forward to new films and series from Marvel.

The latest Marvel film is inconsequential.

Ant-Man 3 is by itself not a terrible film, although it is trivial. I find it interesting that the attendance was uneventful, although I preferred the film to a meal afterwards.

After half the runtime, I would probably have examined the mobile phone display more closely at home alone than on the television.

Is Marvel removing themselves from cinemas?

Despite (or because of?) a performance late on Sunday afternoon, the cinema hall was not even half full, even if the new Marvel film had just been released three days earlier. The weekend before, I was at the screening of an extremely brutal South Korean film – an absolute niche, and the auditorium in the same cinema was packed to the brim with seats.

The new Marvel film was less than well received.

One Boredom remained. A few boos engulfed the proceedings, and crude swear words summed up what many in the hall probably thought. In front of the cinema, many groups of friends were eagerly discussing the new Marvel film, and I inevitably picked up some of it.

PC games lovers are equally attracted to the site.

One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful actors is reportedly "off the table."

Who would you have chosen as the new Avengers leader? Ant-Man, apparently?

Ant-Man 3 was largely negative, with at least a few neutral opinions mixed in with it. Is the Marvel formula finally dead, anyway? Probably not. Still a decent indicator of mood?

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