Terra Nile: The Climate Disaster Sim's Release Date

Terra Nile: The Climate Disaster Sim's Release Date ...

The release date for the climate catastrophe sim Terra Nil has been known for a long time. The creators of Free Lives have finally revealed this little secret, and at the same time the Kick-Off for the pre-order phase is given.

When will Terra Nile be released?

The release of Terra Nile is expected on both PC and iOS platforms, according to the development studio Free Lives. By the way, you can download the mobile versions of the climate catastrophe sim Obtain via Netflix its continuously expanding gaming offering.

Pre-order bonuses are offered as bonuses.

Free Lives has given the go-ahead for the Terra Nil pre-order phase. This includes, among other things, the entire Terra Nile soundtrack and the official art book in digital form. So expect some interesting stuff.

PC games enthusiasts are also familiar.

Factorio we poisoned the earth, killed locals, cleared the forests, and ended up piling off the planet with a rocket. Who cleans up the whole mess? Of course we do too, but this time in Terra Nile, a deserted area that we then transform into an oasis with the help of terraforming.

Take care of beautiful landscapes by not exploiting the planet for the first time! Terra Nile, Free Lives reverses the city builder!

What is the meaning of Terra Nile?

Terra Nile is a new construction game: Instead of exploiting nature for the building of new cities or colonies, you must reclaim uninhabitable areas. You start in a dreary wasteland, which you restore with the help of various methods and technologies.

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