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Yemeni Separatists Have Announced A Self-Government Regime In The South Of The Country

Yemeni Separatists Have Announced A Self-Government Regime In The South Of The Country

Separatists from the Yemeni Southern Transitional Council (UPC) have announced the introduction of self-government in the territory they control in the southern regions of the country, according to Reuters.

According to him, the separatists intend to introduce the measures announced in all the southern provinces of the country, including the city of Aden. UPS also declared a state of emergency in these territories.

In turn, Yemeni foreign Minister Mohammad al-Hadrami called the actions of the YPs a continuation of the armed uprising, carried out against the background of "a catastrophic situation in the temporary capital of Aden."

"The so-called transitional Council will bear responsibility for the dangerous and disastrous consequences of such an announcement [on the introduction of self - government and an emergency regime]," the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry quotes him as saying.

The deal concluded on November 5, 2019, in Riyadh between the internationally recognized government of Yemen and the separatists from the southern transitional Council provides for the creation of a single government of 24 ministries, which will be equally distributed between the southern and northern provinces.

Besides, the parties agreed to merge all the armed groups and security structures under their control, subordinate them to the Ministry of defense and the interior Ministry, and combine efforts under the leadership of the Arabian coalition to counter the Houthis and the terrorist groups "Islamic state" and "al-Qaeda."

The five-year-old conflict in Yemen has created the largest humanitarian crisis in the world: according to the UN, more than 24 million Yemenis - about 80% of the country's population - need humanitarian assistance, and the number of internally displaced people exceeds 3 million.

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