Nier Automata is a 2B cosplay, but in a Japanese samurai form

Nier Automata is a 2B cosplay, but in a Japanese samurai form ...

Nier Automata's post-apocalyptic world has been among the most popular in recent years, with Platinum Games' hack 'n' slash really causing a stir in the gaming community. The brand then managed to sustain itself thanks to an expanding fanbase in its characters.

Nier Automata is a fictional character that is followed by 2B most of the time and who composes the main narrative of this world. The world inhabited by machines is stunned by the fury of this dancing warrior who, using her sword and a machine gun, moves like lightning in black and white on the battlefield.

2B's uniqueness is that she can change her game skin and dress herself in other outfits, but this passion was so great that she wore her costume entirely different out of the video game. With illustrations, mods, and other features, 2B is recognized everywhere on the net.

Viku, a cosplayer, suggests one of these methods in her images. Three photographs with a 2B samurai version, with the protagonist of Nier Automata dressed in Japanese style

This 2B cosplay that looks like a statuette was developed by the same cosplayer, while for something more special there is a photo of 2B at Christmas.

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