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The US Does Not Refuse To Try To Return To The Nuclear Deal With Iran

The US Does Not Refuse To Try To Return To The Nuclear Deal With Iran

The United States does not intend to abandon attempts to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, despite the new accusations of the American authorities against Tehran, according to a report on Wednesday in its electronic version by the newspaper Politico, citing an unnamed US official who has information on this issue.

The official stressed that the current US administration, headed by President Joe Biden, considers it "important and urgent" to limit Iran's nuclear development. "So we intend to continue our efforts to limit Iran's nuclear program by returning to mutual compliance[ with the JCPOA], while actively protecting American citizens and American interests concerning those issues that are not related to the nuclear sphere," the US government representative said.

He also expressed the opinion that "the situation is as follows: after the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the situation with none of the problems with Iran has improved." These are, among other things, problems similar to the "disgusting conspiracy" that the US Department of Justice announced on Tuesday, the official said. "Most of our (American) problems with Iran have worsened, starting with the now unlimited progress of its nuclear program," the US representative is convinced.

On Tuesday, Washington accused the Iranian special services of organizing a plot to kidnap and export an American journalist outside the United States. Five persons have been charged in this case. The journalist lives in New York, she is of Iranian origin.

The decision to withdraw from the JCPOA was made in 2018 by the previous US President Donald Trump. Biden has repeatedly signaled his readiness to return the United States to this nuclear deal.

Since April, face-to-face negotiations between Iran and the international "five" (Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, and France) have been held in Vienna with the aim of restoring the JCPOA in its original form. Experts in three working groups are working out the text of an agreement on the resumption of the implementation of the agreement: the lifting of US sanctions against Iran (and the further return of the US to the deal) and the fulfillment of Tehran's nuclear obligations, from which it significantly deviates. Representatives of the states parties to the deal are also holding separate consultations with the US delegation. There have been no direct negotiations between the American emissaries and representatives of Iran in Vienna so far.

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