Krass: Minecraft has now become a possibility to play Legend of Zelda!

Krass: Minecraft has now become a possibility to play Legend of Zelda! ...

Video games are no longer uncommon for them to be played on any device. However, it does not always mean that a popular game becomes playable on things like a McDonald's till.

Do you have a Minecraft that isn't equipped?Then just play Zelda in it!

C1OUS3R, a YouTuber who seems to be a mad scientist, has demonstrated once again that there are no limits to the imagination in this area. This is because he recreated the original Minecraft (buy now) without the help of any mods.

The YouTuber explains how he brought Link to life in Minecraft and what other gameplay hacks were used to make the whole thing playable. This applies to everybody who, although the technical difficulties aren't that great, wants to try it out.

PC games enthusiasts are also fond of the site.

Microsoft has released a small football DLC for Minecraft at the start of the controversial football World Cup in Qatar. 30 Years of PC Games: A Consolero's Requirements

Editor Maci is almost exclusively on the console, explaining why this is the case and why PC gaming remains of vital importance to the business.

After 5,000 likes, the YouTuber wants to make a playable version. C1OUS3R wants to make a full game in Minecraft at some point, because he believes it is much easier to understand than Unity.

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