Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find and How to Open Eye Chests

Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find and How to Open Eye Chests ...

Hogwarts Legacy's Eye Chest is one of the easiest collectible puzzles to acquire gold coins. These chests are scattered throughout the map and may be opened using a spell.

We'll walk you through how to open your eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, what's inside the eye chests

500 gold coins may be obtained by looking open the chest with the eye. Each of these boxes has the same loot, making it an ideal way to replenish your wallet for shopping in Hogsmeade.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you open eye chests?

When you discover a chest with an eye, you must remove the eye's field of vision and place it on the spell panel deillumination spell.

After that, go to the chest with the eye and activate the "stealth mode." When you get closer, open the chest immediately before the sorcerer discovers the sorcerer in disguise.

A drunken potion of invisibility is an alternative to a de-illumination spell.

When you meet Sebastian in the Central Hall in the story quest "Secrets of the Restricted Section", you will automatically unlock a new spell. The de-illumination spell included in the Utility is an important component of stealth and makes it simple to open chests.

In Hogwarts: Legacy, where can I find all eye chests?

Go southwest, and then cross the south side of the town. Before reaching the pub Boar's head, go into the yards. Nearby, if you go into the alley, you will discover a chest.

Cross to the northern bank of a small river, passing through the "magic swede" bench, go to its courtyard, and find a chest.

Go to the shop "Beak and crest" and leave Hogsmeade. When you see the bridge, go to the house on the right. There is a new chest behind the outhouse.

The Hogsmeade's penultimate chest with an eye is in the "Invisible hat" store. Enter through the main entrance and look to the right to find it.

In the Hogsmeade graveyard, another chest is located. Go left and enter the first crypt: there is a box with an eye.

As the game progresses, the guide will include new chests. Keep an eye on this page to stay informed of future updates.

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