Only five days until Aldi offers an opportunity to get fitness gear such as treadmills, rowing machines, and others at an affordable price

Only five days until Aldi offers an opportunity to get fitness gear such as treadmills, rowing machi ...

When it comes to losing weight and getting fitter, many people start the new year off right. However, there is a catch: Aldi fitness equipment is only available for five days, so get yours while supplies last.

Aldi's fitness equipment includes a rowing machine, treadmill, and other equipment.These are only available for five more days.

The next New Year's deals for treadmills and the like are likely to be a long time coming. The Slim treadmill is still available for a modest 599 euros, similar to the one advertised in the Aldi website in February.

Aldi's fitness equipment includes a cross trainer, rowing apparatus, and an exercise bike.

Highlight items from Aldi will no longer be available for a period of time, such as rowing machines and treadmills. A mini cross trainer, also with an LCD and training computer, can still be purchased at a great price.

Multi-gym, stand for dips and pull-ups, dumbbells, and weight bench are all ways to strengthen muscles.

Because of its high price, you can currently save money on fitness equipment such as a cross trainer, home trainer, and much more.

Amazon has replaced Aldi with a treadmill and a weight bench, allowing you to purchase a lot of fitness equipment at discounted prices.

If you haven't found anything at Aldi yet, you can also check out Amazon. There are currently some fantastic discount offers in categories such as treadmills, pull-up bars, abdominal rollers, multi-gyms, and exercise bikes, as well. Many of the offers are only valid for a short period.

Amonax abdominal roller push-up handles 23.79 euros (RRP: 32.99)EnterSports abdominal roller, 6-in-1 abdominal trainer with fitness band 23.77 euros (instead of 27.97)SPORTSTECH weight bench for the home gym 67.97 euros (RRP: 79,97) Pull-up bar with 360° safety lock 38.22 euros (RRP: 44.97) ArtSport weight bench set, 3-in-1 weight set with 60 kg weights 203.95

Aldi is lowering its prices for cordless vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots — rather than treadmills and rowing machines.

Even treadmills and rowing machines, it doesn't have to be Amazon. AEG cordless vacuum cleaners are even cheaper in Aldi's online shop than Dyson and Bosch.

Wiha & Wera's screwdriver (set), tool case, torque wrench, and other items receive a 51 percent discount.

Physical activity burns calories, so you don't always have to buy fitness equipment like rowing machines and treadmills to get in shape. Also in remodeling, tools from well-known German manufacturers such as Wiha and Wera are now available at Amazon at an unprecedented discount.

Our Daily Deals include a lot more than fitness equipment.

As part of the correct campaign, you can not only acquire fitness equipment such as treadmills and rowing machines at great prices. In our Daily Deals, which are updated daily: graphics cards, motherboards, gaming monitors, gaming mice, gaming chairs, televisions, gaming highlights, and many other items for PC, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo players from Amazon, Media Markt, Amazon, and Co.

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