Did you recognize the reference to Hogwarts Legacy?

Did you recognize the reference to Hogwarts Legacy? ...

The most important game based on the Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts Legacy, hasn't officially released until Friday, but early access has already begun, and tens of thousands of "Muggles" have already signed an application to enroll in the college of magic and sorcery.

Few video games are as popular as Hogwarts Legacy, for a variety of reasons that aren't related to the quality or content of the game. However, anyone who chooses to purchase it will find it to be the finest.

Avalanche Software's team has gone to unexpected places, playing his first AAA game with flying colors.

Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure, a Universal Studios Florida attraction, is included in Hogwarts Legacy.

Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a roller coaster that will be launched in 2019 at the Universal Orlando Resort's theme park Islands of Adventure. It is one of the world's best roller coasters and one of the most expensive ever constructed (300 million dollars).

The roller coaster accommodates two people per row, one on the motorcycle Red Hagridand the other in a sidecar, taking you around some old structures in the middle of a forest populated with magical animals.


Front Row POV Experience: Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

The roller coaster is one of the most popular attractions in the park due to its versatility (it does not require investment), although it does have many launches at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, as well as many animatronics and a landscaping designed specifically for the attraction.

So much so that Avalanche Software's employees came to the attraction to recreate the place and its ruins in its open world (but without the roller coaster that passes between, of course).

Back in September, they revealed something in a video making process, and now we have the game, we can see it on the internet.

The ruins are located in a remote area on the map that you will most likely not find until you complete the side quest The Rowland Oakes Tale. This is the map location of the ruins.

The inside contains a number of enemies, as well as a side quest related to Rowland Oakes (which we will not correct here).

The buildings (its exterior, at least) seem to be uninteresting... except if you have been to Islands of Adventure park because you will recognize all the places and spaces where you go with the Intamin roller coaster.

Although he has not yet been born in the Hogwarts Legacy tale, late 19th century, he is the one who takes us on a ride with his flying motorcycle to see the ruination.

Universal provided a detailed animatronic with the actor's appearance, which they filled with flowers for a few days.

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