The Green Cult Ogre Could Resurrect In Shrek 5

The Green Cult Ogre Could Resurrect In Shrek 5 ...

The fourth Shrek film, which has been cult status on the internet, was released less than twelve years ago. Despite much speculation, Antonio Banderas' recent interview might provide some hope.

Is there a Shrek 5 on the way?

Banderas said when asked about Puss in Boots sequels and the appearance of familiar characters, she replied: "It's not up to me, normally sequels are audience driven.

[Aber] If they go to the cinema in large numbers, as they are currently doing with Puss in Boots, then that might lead to another Puss in Boots film. Or, as the film suggests toward the end when you see "Far Far Away," Shrek may return. "It's up to the audience somewhere, however."

At the Red Sea Film Festival in December, Banderas predicted Shrek's return to cinemas. However, Dreamworks has yet to release a decision or confirmation, but both positive reviews and the financial success of the second strip should have been well-known. Screenrant states that the fifth Shrek film appears to be in the works since 2016.

Eddie Murphy announced that a script for the film was on the way. It's speculated that Shrek 5 might be announced after the Oscars. After all, Puss in Boots 2 was nominated in the category "Best Animated Feature Film".

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