The Jungle Pack for Prison Architect is now available

The Jungle Pack for Prison Architect is now available ...

In the Prison Architect Aesthetics Pack for PC and console, players learn to recognize the dangers of nature.

The Prison Architect: Jungle Pack is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for a suggested retail price of €2.99, according to Paradox Interactive.

The latest aesthetic update for the well-known prison management game requires players to manage a prison in a jungle, complete with wooden structures, customization options, and a fevered danger.

Features of the Jungle Pack as a Prison Architect

In the middle of the jungle!

Players must recreate wooden furniture, five new floor coverings (one specifically for water!) and an outdoor cinema complete with walls and doors. Everything is built to survive in the jungle.

Jungle fever (and how to keep away from it) is a common illness in the United Kingdom.

Tropical fever may be transmitted to inmates. Players may fight and manage it through net beds, fire pits, and state-of-the-art medical treatment.

A different world

In the jungle, new tree species may be discovered, or they may be sold or cut down for wood. Some wood variations may also be used as watchtowers or drains.

The Jailhouse, a free update for Prison Architect players, adds gameplay improvements such as a minor overhaul of the scheduler and the addition of Toby, a Yorkshire terrier.

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