Is the OnePlus Pad the Never-Settle for the Tablet World!

Is the OnePlus Pad the Never-Settle for the Tablet World! ...

The fact that OnePlus was planning an Android tablet for the year 2023 is no longer news to anybody... Something that does arrive a bit late, since the 'boom' in demand has already arrived, has already been maintained, and has since also disappeared... But there is a reason. The OnePlus Pad.

OnePlus used the launch of its new high-end smartphone to establish its brand in the world of tablets. The original concept behind 'Pad' is simple, yet complex to execute. After all, the purpose is to provide the OnePlus software experience that always emphasizes speed and flexibility, rather than 'extra' features.

It's also a launch that completes the OnePlus ecosystem, which already included phones, watches, televisions, wireless headphones, and now Tablets!

The OnePlus Pad has a very individual appearance to the brand, making it a wonderful gift for any occasion. We have chosen an aluminum alloy to give the impression that we have a truly premium item, which is also cheaper than what it is.

We have an 11.61” screen that is capable of delivering an 88% body/screen ratio, thanks to the use of 2.5D glass. (The margins around the screen are only 6.54mm) and, of course, Dolby Vision capability. However, the screen is an IPS LCD rather than the more desirable OLED. (2000 x 2800 pixels)

We have a SoC Dimensity 9000 (a top-of-the-range SoC!) and interestingly, the possibility to expand up to 12GB of RAM, which in turn allows a total of 24 applications to be open at the same time. We also have a 67W super fast charging power.

258 x 189.4 x 6.5 mm // 552 g

Price: It hasn't been released yet, but it's expected to be between €450 and $500. (We have a case/keyboard as well as a pen (Stylus) inside the box.

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