PSVR2 Nonviolent Adventure has been added to the launch lineup for Garden of the Sea

PSVR2 Nonviolent Adventure has been added to the launch lineup for Garden of the Sea ...

Maik Seidl | 07.02.2023 – 19:21

"Garden of the Sea" is a collection of games that will allow players to cultivate a garden and cuddle animals. It's a great game for those who are new to PlayStation VR2. A trailer teases the PlayStation VR2 launch title.

Garden of the Sea, an exploration-based farming game, will be released for PlayStation VR2 on February 22nd, 2023, as part of the virtual reality headset's launch date.

Garden of the Sea allows players to personalize their gardens and craft a wide assortment of items, including bamboo, wood, rocks, plant parts, and other items. Animals may also be stroked and fed vegetables.

Set your house up and go on a boat ride.

Players can customize their house with different furniture, items, and colors, or go to the pond to fish, make new friends, or just relax by themselves. It is also possible to go out on a boat to discover new countries and different environments.

According to the manufacturer, the "Garden of the Sea" has several advantages.

Build gardens and make everything you need to decorate them. Pet and feed the animals with home-grown vegetables and cuddle their babies. Explore new habitats on a boat.

The PSVR2 headset is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Since early 2022, Garden of the Sea has been available on Steam, and has been rated "very highly". The price is about 20 euros.

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Garden of the Sea is a member of PlayStation VR2's launch titles, and more than 30 games have been confirmed for the release stage as per today's announcement. A trailer for the VR adventure can be seen here.

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