Sony answers all of your questions about Playstation VR 2

Sony answers all of your questions about Playstation VR 2 ...

Sony's second VR headset, Playstation VR 2, will be released on February 22nd. Many individuals are currently asking many questions about VR glasses, including, for example, cleaning the glasses, accessibility, and the user interface.

At a glance, you'll have all of the information you need.

The PSVR 2 price is currently €599.99 and includes the headset itself, two Sense controllers, stereo headphones, and a USB cable. Horizon: Call of the Mountain is also available as an option for 649.99 euros.

The Playstation 4 headset, which will soon be available with a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye, is not compatible with it, according to Sony. The pass-through view should also be taken into account. This should allow the players to navigate around in their own house without removing their VR glasses.

After a free update, a slew of new PS5 titles including Horizon: Call of the Mountain is now available for download.

For example, individuals who wear glasses may also enjoy the headset, according to the blog post. In terms of accessibility, Sony narrates the previous features of the PS5 in terms of color correction, color inversion, and button assignment.

PC game enthusiasts are also a fan.

We were able to try out the Aloy-free Horizon offshoot just days before the release of Playstation VR 2.

Editor-in-chief Lukas was able to test out Sony's VR glasses for the PS5 himself just before the release of PSVR2. He's so ecstatic!

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The Playstation 5's incredible popularity was announced recently. A large number of individuals who now own a PS5 did not previously possess a Playstation 4. Sony has received less praise for the Dualsense Edge.

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