SEASON: A letter to the future, the most beautiful postcard collection in 2023

SEASON: A letter to the future, the most beautiful postcard collection in 2023 ...

I love to go out on adventures in the unknown. With the scenery, with those who cross the path, and with the stories you hear with each step, Scavengers Studio has created SEASON: A letter to the future.

Hiking between postcards

Before it is released, every work must demonstrate its main strengths, and with SEASON: A letter to the future We have the classics that enter through the senses: lovely landscapes with great variety, passing through villages reminiscent of a lost town in the middle of Italy, lagoons in which the industry has no end, and valleys that seem to have no end.

Throughout the game, everything is watered down by a constant question: why are huge cranes falling? Is it normal to discover so many remains of civilization, yet absolutely no one appears before us? At first, it is perfectly normal to be confused.

We control a young woman who leaves her village above the clouds in order to explore the world and preserve their memories before a catastrophe ends everything. Occasionally, there will be a change of season that will make everyone lose their memory, but our duty is to preserve as many memories as possible.

The primary vehicle for transportation will be a bicycle, as old as it is effective. It is a means of transportation that does not fail us, and that is a pleasure to feel thanks to adaptive triggers, which cause the resistance to pedal the bicycle to vary according to your speed and the slope of the road. There are many steep climbs and flat sections of stone, cobblestones, grass, and asphalt everywhere.

The angle provided by the bicycle in tight spaces or when it is necessary to turn a sharp turn is not always the best. One point to keep in mind is that we may be able to walk without problems without having to stop the game, but we must also select the option for the bike to return to our hands. A button assigned to that task would be much easier.

There is no other newspaper comparable to this.

The sentence in the headline is absolutely correct. We will continuously use these three words. Our protagonist has the responsibility to discover, to know, and that will be reflected in the notebook that we carry with us.

Our main working tools are a recorder and a camera, as well as an unusual ability to draw. Spaces are created throughout the pages to capture what appears most relevant to us in each of the places we visit. The Tieng Valley has a sanctuary, meadows and forests in which little light passes through their leaves, and it is the setting where we will spend the most time during our four-hour trip.

A semi-open world where we have total freedom to choose where to go-although previously we traveled linear sections- and be clear about what deserves to be included in the notebook. Not only will we listen to the girl's inner thoughts on everything we are documenting.

The key moment comes when we make a decision what we want to include in the notebook. There is no punctuation required for correctly or incorrectly placing items, and there are situations in which we are given the option of keeping the moment as our own memory that will not be erased anywhere else beyond our heads.

SEASON: A letter to the future, it is a text that needs to be explored little by little, but that has more layers than it appears. Own rules that we must learn, but that we cannot change because they are inevitable, and the most essential thing is to be clear about what we wish to preserve against the consequences. Yes, there are characters who we will encounter along the way, but they all are enticed by existential difficulties or more than reasonable doubts.

What to leave behind, live in the moment, or learn that tomorrow will always be a better day. Once again, the adventure encourages replayability, since we may approach the questions from many points of view, although we will only find the same and inescapable conclusion.

The opinion of VidaExtra

As we praise FPS and hack & slash games for bringing our heart rate up during intense combat, keep in mind that SEASON: A letter to the future brings us down to a point of extreme relaxation. You can't go into a fight with Dante without knowing that he's doing a good job. It's nonsense to get on the bike without knowing that the narrative weight is crucial.

Scavengers Studio is a game that relies on everything to the plot of the story, and it is one of those games that requires the player to play their part. If you don't like what you're doing there, you'll be enjoying beautiful scenery without really caring what you're doing there. The reward is discovered at the end of the journey.

This absence of emotional involvement does not entitle us to have one of the most treasured games of 2023 before our eyes. A distinctive touch that makes everything we see appear to be something out of a comic, with original artwork, a unique world, and a soundtrack that is remote, yet accessible.

A letter to the future in the SEASON

A letter to the future in the summer

Scavengers Studio is a non-developer PC multiplayer non-developer software company. Release Dates: January 31, 2023

It's one of the most beautiful things in 2023 visually. The notebook and how we'll never find one like it. Traveling by bicycle feels wonderful.

It will not work if you don't get emotional involved.

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