The best Marvel film has been revealed by Disney+!

The best Marvel film has been revealed by Disney+! ...

It's difficult to pick a favorite or even the finest of Marvel's many films to watch till this day. After all, almost all of them are almost always wonderful, and it's rare to give negative reviews to these projects. However, Disney+ revealed the best of the best. At least when it comes to streaming services.

Of course, not every Marvel film ended up on Disney+. In fact, there are more films that have not yet been released than exactly those that have already been released. Despite this, the latest entry is already breaking records.

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The greatest Marvel film has been revealed on Disney+!

Black Panther is the last Marvel project to enter the market and consequently on Disney+. However, as the saying goes, the last are the first. This film may be the most successful yet on the streaming platform.

Black Panther has already been a major hit in theaters and cinemas around the world, raising almost 330 million dollars. This is the studio's first film to be nominated for an Oscar in the acting category.

What do you think of all this? Have you seen Black Panther on Disney+ or even in theaters? Many Marvel enthusiasts have been brutal in their opinions. Please share yours in the comments below.

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