The iPhone Ultra Could Be Like, According to Designers

The iPhone Ultra Could Be Like, According to Designers ...

Apple is said to be considering a new top-of-the-line iPhone, which is being dubbed the "iPhone Ultra." Where there are rumors, there are renders, and the Ultra is no exception.

Jonas Daehnert, a German industrial designer, has created a series of stunning iPhone Ultra renders that appear to be the offspring of the Apple Watch Ultra, as well as a smaller imagined iPhone Pro model, described as "12mm+ thick."

The titanium iPhone chassis from Daehnert has rounded edges and a flat upper rim that sits flush with the display. There are two protruding side buttons and a volume up/down button on the website.

Daehnert's concept includes a ruggedized Ring/Silent switch, a programmable Action button on the lower-left side, and a USB-C port located at the bottom.

When asked about all of the leaks, Daehnert replied on Twitter: "It was just an experiment to see if the Watch Ultra design language is feasible."

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, such a device would be included in the iPhone 16 lineup or later.

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