Recap and explanation of Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 5 Recap and Explanation of Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 5

Recap and explanation of Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 5 Recap and Explanation of Kubo Wont  ...

Shiraishi finds a safe place in the school cafeteria where he can eat his lunch alone, but unlike others, Kubo manages to find him and asks her about her. Later that day, Tamao and Hazuki ask Nagisa about her crush and are surprised when she tells them about Shiraishi. Meanwhile, Shiraishi decides to buy a present for a secret admirer who gifted him cookies.

Recap of Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Episode 5

Shiraishi prefers to be alone and prefers to just eat his lunch by himself, so he often finds a place where he may quietly eat his meal. She is fascinated by the octopus sausages and rolled omelets when she notices Shiraishi's lunch. Kubo is so lost in her thoughts that she does not realize that Shiraishi has noticed her staring at his lunchbox.

Nagisa enjoys the mouth-watering food and talking about mundane things with Shiraishi. The meal concludes with a hamburger steak and Shiraishi explains that he loves it. Later that day after school, Nagisa visits a restaurant with Hazuki and Tamao. The former mentions that she is glowing for some reason. This makes Tamao question Nagisa if she has a crush on someone.

Hazuki admits that their friend has yet to fall in love and has not kissed anyone yet. Tomao reveals her harrowing childhood memories when she remembers wanting to marry her own father in the first grade. Tamao asks whether she knows someone in her life that she would rather talk to. Kubo is irritated.

Tamao and Hazuki notice her reaction and realize that their friend does indeed have a crush. She reveals Kubo's name only for the duo to be surprised. Tamao wonders why she likes a boy who is not athletic or academically talented. Nagisa naturally does not like what she says or dislikes her.

What Is White Day in Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Episode 5?What Does Shiraishi Purchase For His Mysterious Admirer?Does he Discover Who Gifted Her Cookies on Valentine's Day?

On February 14th, people give reciprocal presents to those who have purchased a present for the first time in Japan. It has become a popular occasion to express love in many other Asian nations for the past decade.

Shiraishi realizes that he knows about this mysterious admirer and sends her the box of sweets. Nagisa initially does not realize that Shiraishi is giving her sweets because he does not realize that she made them. She is surprised when he finally explains himself.

Kubo acts as if she cannot disclose Shiraishi's secret admirer's name as well. When Shiraishi replies, Nagisa feels satisfied and simply walks away. Shiraishi fails to understand the obvious hint and asks her about the secret admirer again. Kubo corrects himself.

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