Liquid Fire Review of the Roccat Magma Mini Keyboard

Liquid Fire Review of the Roccat Magma Mini Keyboard ...

Roccat is back with yet another exciting new mini-keyboard lineup, this time downsizing a fan favorite, The Magma. Over the last weeks, we've been testing this new 60% form factor board.

If you've followed Roccat on Twitter, you've probably seen the promotional video where they pour water on the Magma Mini. It wasn't an actual video, as I'm a PC gamer, and that's okay, right? Here's the worst anxiety-inducing video you'll ever see.

The Magma Mini is still functioning as I just took it out of the box. Now personally, I don't intend to ever have a beverage near my PC setup, but I've seen enough streamers and co-workers do just that, so I understand the benefit of a water-proof keyboard.

Moving on to the main reason why I love the Magma Mini, the fully lit top plate.

The way the board lights up is retro, and I like it. It's a standout for anyone wanting to brighten their setup with bright RGB lights thanks to Roccat's Swarm software. Five zones can be changed with different colors, with different pattern choices to choose from in the Swarm app.

The Magma Mini isn't equipped with Titan Optical switches, but rather has membranical switches designed by Roccat. There's no stickiness or noticeable input lag with presses, and you'll notice a slight tactile sensation for additional feedback. However, the major disadvantage of Roccat's membrane switches is that they're barely audible during sleep.

The Magma Mini is about 60% smaller than its full-sized counterpart (the Magma) and 5% smaller than Roccat's Vulcan II Mini. However, the Magma Mini's height (1.44 inches) is somewhat less noticeable, as it is better for hand positioning and rest.

The Magma Mini has a USB-A connector positioned on the board's left side against the center, which is non-detachable due to its water resistance and any opening leading to potential damage. It's a nitpick on my end.

The only real problem with the Magma Mini is that I was hoping that the keycaps would support standard Chery MX switch stems, like in the new Vulcan II boards, but they don't, since the custom keycaps are made by Roccat. The fully lit backplate could have made for some really cool custom designs.

The Roccat Magma Mini may be the ideal board for budget gamers who want to add some flair to their desktop gaming setup while also saving space. It also has a slightly lower price point ($49.99) than many RGB style keyboards on the market.


  • Beautiful transparent top plate that is fully lit up with RGB. One of the most gorgeous mini keyboards I’ve ever seen.
  • Water resistance for those interested.
  • 60% form factor gives you that extra desk space you desire. 
  • Silent in key presses. One of the most quiet keyboards you’ll ever use. 
  • Easy+Shift adds additional key functionality, and is much welcomed in mini keyboards.
  • Price – Hard to beat $49.99 considering everything it has compared to other mini keyboards.


  • Uses non-standardized switches, which means you favorite keycaps probably won’t work on it. 

Equipment was tested on a desktop computer. Hardware provided by the publisher was provided for review purposes. You may find out more about SP1st and MP1st's review and scoring policies here.

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