The Love Mess Deepens! Release Date and Plot for Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132

The Love Mess Deepens! Release Date and Plot for Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132 ...

Saki exposes Naoya's double-dating incidents in a surprising twist. Afterward, Saki continues their heated discussion back in the apartment. Will they find a solution to this love triangle?

Things will start to fall apart next time in Kanojo mo Kanojo Manga. However, Naoya is capable of facilitating everything. Keep reading to discover all the details!

What Will Happen Next in Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132?

Saki, Naoya, Nagisa, and Shino are all enjoying themselves as a family, but they face new difficulties and hardships as a result of their previous relationships. She threatens to ruin Naoya's reputation if he doesn't return to her.

Naoya is torn between his love for the three women and his fear of losing everything he has built. Tensions rise as they try to reconcile their differences, and just when they think they have all figured out, another problem arises. Saki discovers a hidden secret about Naoya's past, one that he has kept hidden from all of them.

A Quick Recap!

Saki expressed her displeasure. Naoya was receptive to both of them. The four of them returned to their apartment to discuss the situation. This led to the question of what would happen to Shino.

Saki explained that there was no difference between two-timing and three-timing. This prompted Naoya to confess his feelings for Shino and invite her to be his girlfriend. Thus, she accepted and kissed Naoya.

Release Date for Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132

Naoya must resolve the new conflict that arises with Saki. Only time will tell if he can perform his harem duties. In any event, fans will want them to see the next chapter soon.

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