Release Date and Spoilers for Shadow Episode 19: Dancing Doll!

Release Date and Spoilers for Shadow Episode 19: Dancing Doll! ...

Cid Kagenou is completely uneasy about his elder sister. He was surprised by this. However, the next episode of The Eminence In Shadow will reveal how he will not be able to accomplish all of the festival goals.

Cid's elder sister was hesitant to strangle Cid for not following his promise. Moreover, the previous episode showed Iris' surprise at seeing Perv at the tournament. Annerose also tries her best to win the tournament. However, she is beaten once again by Mundane's ability to control his spacing.

What Will Happen Next With Shadow's Eminence?

Mundane Mann and princess Iris Midgar will play a lot of swordplay in episode 19 of the anime. However, Iris has several wounds from previous bouts. She will be at a huge loss in this fight. Cid appears to have willingly given up the fight.

Rose Oriana is currently attempting to venge Perv Asshat by killing the King of Oriana as his puppet. She will also later enter Beta. She will also join the Shadow Garden's division.

Recap of a Previous Episode!

“Betting on a Moment” was the title of the episode. Claire treats Cid to summer vacations because she does not want him to see her become a champion. Later, Iris meets Beatrix. They have small talks and exchange small burgers.

Annerose believes she has completed her research on Mundane's every move. He leaves afterimages behind and ends up defeating Annerose. Later, At the Bushin Festival tournament, Annerose Nichtsehen participates in another event that surprises Cid.

Release Date for The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19

The next episode will be released on A-TX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and Tokyo MX channels on February 8, 2023, as well as on HiDive.

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